About Us

Chartable is a blog written by a bunch of people who work on Datawrapper. We love charts, and we created this place to talk about them.

The mission of this blog is to teach you how to better visualize data. Sometimes, we’ll learn with you; answering questions that both you and we might have. We will experiment with charts. And since data vis is a field with different approaches, we will tell you our opinions and invite you to disagree.

This blog is for everyone who creates charts. Yes, we mention Datawrapper as an example quite often. And you see many charts one this blog that are created with our tool. For example, our articles in Datawrapper News are about new features and probably mostly interesting for you if you’re a Datawrapper user. But even if you don’t use our tool, we hope that the articles in Thoughts & How To’s and our Weekly Charts are helpful for you.

What’s Datawrapper?

Datawrapper is a tool we built to make it easy for journalists and other communicators to create simple charts and maps for web articles. To make a chart, you paste in your numbers and choose a chart type. We make sure that the chart you’ll embed in your article at the end is beautiful, responsive and interactive.

You can learn more about Datawrapper on our website: datawrapper.de

Who’s writing on this blog?

Most of our articles are written by Lisa, who we hired to specifically take care of the blog. However, we want everyone who works at Datawrapper to share their thought. So you will find articles from all of us. We also want to feature more articles written by our users on our blog. If that sounds interesting to you, get in touch with Lisa at lisa@datawrapper.de and she’ll be happy to discuss the process with you further.

These are all the people who have written so far on our blog (or will do so in the future!):

I want to get in touch with you!

You found a mistake? You want us to write about a certain topic? You disagree strongly with one of our articles, and want to make sure we know why? Please get in touch with us! We’re always happy to hear from you:

  • If you have ideas, questions or comments regarding the blog, write to lisa@datawrapper.de.
  • If you have technical questions about Datawrapper, let us know at support@datawrapper.de. David or Elana will reply.
  • If you prefer Twitter, tweet at us @datawrapper or write us a Direct Message (our DMs are open).

Can I reuse or translate the content on your blog?

Yes. Our blog posts are under the CC BY-SA license and you can reuse and translate them as long they stay digital. Do get in touch with Lisa to check if we’re ok to see our content in your printed matter.

That means that you can publish our articles on your site, show our images in your presentations and even make money with our content – as long as you give as credit, link to our original blog post & let your audience know if you made changes to our material. These changes need to be shared under a CC BY-SA license as well.

We’re also very happy to see translations of our blog posts. Let Lisa know about your translation so that she can link to it in the original blog post.

I want to know about your newest things!

Sweet! We’re more than happy to keep you updated. We have two newsletters: One for news about Datawrapper features. (That’s a great one if you’re a Datawrapper user.) We also have a newsletter for our Weekly Charts. If you sign up for that, you’ll get a newsletter every week. Sign up here:

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