Data Vis Dispatch, August 29

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Welcome back to the 108th edition of Data Vis Dispatch! Every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find, especially from news organizations — to celebrate data journalism, data visualization, simple charts, elaborate maps, and their creators.

Recurring topics this week include the moon, hurricanes, and Republicans.

We begin with some exciting news. India landed on the moon — and it’s the first landing close to the south pole ever:

USA Today: India moon lander successfully reaches lunar south pole, begins hunt for water ice, August 23
South China Morning Post: The new moon race, August 25

That same evening, the first Republican debate of what will be a long U.S. election season took place:

FiveThirtyEight: Who Won The First Republican Debate?, August 24
The New York Times: Which Candidates Got the Most Speaking Time in the Republican Debate, August 23
SPIEGEL: Wer tritt gegen Biden an?, August 29
Axios: Age haunts Biden vs. “crooked” Trump, August 29
The Wall Street Journal: Why Tribalism Took Over Our Politics, August 26
Financial Times: Republican candidates split over Donald Trump, abortion and Ukraine at debate, August 24
The Washington Post: Our Republican debate poll finds Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy won, August 23
The Washington Post: Without Trump, Republican debate attacks focus on Ramaswamy and Biden, August 24
USA Today: How many times did primary candidates mention Trump in the first Republican debate?, August 24
Axios: 1 big thing: MSNBC’s Trump bump, August 22
The Wall Street Journal: Tracking the Charges in Trump’s Indictments, August 24

As summer begins to cool in the Western Hemisphere, newsrooms took another look at the record heat caused by climate change:

The Wall Street Journal: Extreme Heat, Floods, Fire: Was Summer 2023 the New Normal?, August 23
The Wall Street Journal: Heating Waters Force Change in Industries That Depend on the Ocean, August 28
ZEIT Online: So trennt Hitze die deutschen Städte, August 25
SPIEGEL: Acht Milliarden – sind wir bald zu viele Menschen auf der Erde?, August 23

Among the consequences of climate change visualized this week are drought and wildfires:

Financial Times: Europe’s water crisis: how supplies turned to ‘gold dust’, August 27
Bloomberg: Eighteen People Found Dead as Wildfires Rage in Greece, August 22
The Wall Street Journal: Everybody Knew the Invasive Grass of Maui Posed a Deadly Fire Threat, but Few Acted, August 25
Le Monde: El Niño et La Niña, les « enfants terribles » du climat, August 22
San Francisco Chronicle: The Big Melt transformed California. A journey down a great river shows how, August 23

And it’s hurricane season in the Atlantic. As we’re writing this, Hurricane Idalia is making her way toward the Florida coast:

The Washington Post: Tracking the path of Hurricane Idalia, August 27
USA Today: How the National Hurricane Center predicts, and tracks a powerful storm’s path, August 28
The Wall Street Journal: Tropical Storm Idalia Forecast to Become Major Hurricane on Its Path to Florida, August 28
USA Today: Maps show Idalia’s path as powerful storm approaches Florida and Georgia, August 28
The New York Times: Tracking Hurricane Idalia, August 29

Another big topic this week: Infrastructure. How much are people traveling around, and under which conditions? Newsrooms visualized it all:

Financial Times: Big US city downtowns ‘stuck’ behind smaller rivals in pandemic recovery, August 29
SPIEGEL: Baut Volker Wissing Straßen, die keiner braucht?, August 25
Bloomberg: America’s Loneliest Road Is Finally EV-Ready, August 23
Financial Times: The Nimby tax on Britain and America, August 25
Notes on Growth: Britain’s infrastructure is too expensive, August 25
Folha de S.Paulo: Obras paradas e projetos antigos correspondem a 43% do Novo PAC, August 25

The war in the Ukraine was also a big focus this week thanks to stories about the crashed jet of mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, emigration, and grain exports:

Reuters: Mapping the Prigozhin plane’s final flight, August 24
The Wall Street Journal: A Look at the U.S. Missiles Ukraine Seeks to Hit Russian Forces, August 28
The Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s Reset: A Slow and Bloody Advance on Foot, August 23
The Economist: Russians have emigrated in huge numbers since the war in Ukraine, August 23
Georgios Karamanis: “Refugees in Europe for this week’s #TidyTuesday. Alluvial bump chart made with {ggsankey} with data from @Refugees,” August 27 (Tweet)
The Wall Street Journal: ‘The Market Is Dead’: Ukraine’s Farmers Count the Cost of Grain Deal’s Collapse, August 26

Apropos grain and immigrants – our economics section covers both, too:

Reuters: Brazil clears bottlenecks to oust US as top corn exporter, August 24
Bloomberg: Apple’s iPhone Supply Chain Splinters Under US-China Tensions, August 28
The Washington Post: AI is so hot even KFC and Williams-Sonoma execs are talking about it, August 24
FlowingData: Renting vs. Owning a Home, by State, August 25
Economic Innovation Group: Immigration Policy Is Innovation Policy, August 24

And our miscellaneous section has everything from vultures, tides, cannabis, book bans, to Canadian gun crime:

The Economist: The sudden demise of Indian vultures killed thousands of people, August 22
The Courier: What are the busiest times for Tayside and Fife A&E departments?, August 28
Le Monde: La marée, ce cycle immuable et vital qui intrigue les savants depuis l’Antiquité, August 25
Bloomberg: NRA-Style Politics Transformed Canada’s Gun Culture — and Shootings Rose 869%, August 24
Berliner Morgenpost: Wo Kiffen weiter verboten sein soll, August 23
CNN: Requests to ban books hit a 21-year high. See which titles were the most challenged, August 27
The New York Times: After the Loss of a Son, a Football Coach Confronts a Terrible Truth, August 28
El Confidencial: Se busca compañera de piso: ¿por qué las chicas no quieren convivir con chicos?, August 27
San Francisco Chronicle: College admissions: One factor has huge impact on who attends top U.S. schools, August 24

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