Data Vis Dispatch, January 24

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Welcome back to the 78th edition of Data Vis Dispatch! Every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find, especially from news organizations — to celebrate data journalism, data visualization, simple charts, elaborate maps, and their creators.

Recurring topics this week include wages in Britain, floods in California, and blackouts in Ukraine and South Africa.

Two charts this week show countries struggling with frequent blackouts. In Ukraine, that’s due to Russian shelling; in South Africa, long-term corruption and political mismanagement.

Texty: Відтінки темряви. Як відключали електроенергію в Києві та Львові, January 19
Bloomberg: Desperate to Be a CEO? Here’s the Worst Job in Global Energy, January 23

Nuclear power plants in the U.S. are becoming an elderly bunch:

Bloomberg: Nuclear Power Plants Are Pushed to the Limit as Demand Surges, January 24

Health care systems are stressed around the world, with political interference in the U.S., a shortage of trainees in South Korea, and growing waitlists in England:

Bloomberg: Crowded Clinics, 8-Hour Drives and Abortion Pills Are New Reality on Roe’s 50th Anniversary, January 20
SBS News: 병원에 갔는데 – 의사가 없다면?, January 20
Channel 4 News: England’s NHS ten times worse than in 2011 on four key measures, January 18

Meanwhile, low wages are fueling a winter of labor disputes across the U.K.:

The Economist: Disputes over pay are hobbling Britain’s public sector, January 18
The Times: Voters back extra pay for nurses but who else deserves a rise?, January 22
Bloomberg: The Global Economy Needs a New Powerhouse. India Is Stepping Up, January 23

We saw historical perspectives on industrialization and transportation:

The Economist: A flurry of new studies identifies causes of the Industrial Revolution, January 17
Le Monde: Qui pourrait se passer de sa voiture ? Six graphiques pour analyser nos trajets du quotidien, January 22

Along with more modern takes on late trains and big cars:

Der Spiegel: Das sind die zehn unpünktlichsten ICEs Deutschlands, January 20
Axios: Pickup trucks, from workhorse to joyride, January 23

In climate and environment this week — why carbon offsets are worth less than advertised:

Zeit Online: Grün getarnt, January 17

And how massive rainfall in California intersects with the region’s long-term state of drought:

The New York Times: Despite Rain Storms, California Is Still in Drought, January 18
The Washington Post: Trees were a California city’s salvation. Now they’re a grave threat, January 20

We saw Le Figaro and FlowingData experiment with bivariate colorings:

Nicolas Mondon/Le Figaro: “Dettes, épargne, capacité de désendettement ou potentiel financier. Pour @Le_Figaro, j’ai passé en revue quelques indicateurs clés pour évaluer les finances des communes,” January 19 (Tweet, Article)
FlowingData: Mixed Feelings of Happiness and Meaning, January 23

Other visualizations covered everything from the birthdays of elite athletes to the aging population of France:

Folha de S.Paulo: Nascidos no início do ano têm até o triplo de chance de chegar à elite do futebol, January 21
El País: ¿Qué está pasando en Bajmut? La guerra de Ucrania, concentrada en una batalla metro a metro, January 21
Le Monde: La démographie française percutée par le Covid-19, January 17

What else we found interesting

Taiwan Data Stories: Let’s Feast: Chinese New Year’s Eve, January 19
Nightingale: The Telefacts of Life: Rudolf Modley’s Isotypes in American Newspapers 1938–1945, January 17
National Geographic: Earth House Evolution, January 19
Financial Times: Can you predict the year ahead better than superforecasters?, January 22
The Washington Post: Michelle Singletary’s money milestones for every age, January 23

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