Data Vis Dispatch, January 3

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Happy new year, and welcome back to the 75th edition of Data Vis Dispatch! Every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find, especially from news organizations — to celebrate data journalism, data visualization, simple charts, elaborate maps, and their creators.

Recurring topics this week include data vis highlights of 2022, flight cancellations, and the economy.

The turn of 2022 and 2023 has been a quiet one in the data vis world. Still, a few themes stood out. More newsrooms have shared their data-driven highlights of the year.

The New York Times: 2022: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics, December 28
Átlátszó: Ezeken a témákon dolgoztunk 2022-ben az Átlátszó adatújságírás rovatában és az Átlón, December 31
SPIEGEL: Worüber wir 2022 berichtet haben – und was Sie gelesen haben, December 30
The Financial Times: War, inflation and tumbling markets: the year in 11 charts, December 29
Szabad Európa: Számos rendszeresen frissülő ábrát, grafikont mutattunk be idén, nézze át őket!, December 29

The United States saw mass cancellations of flights during the winter holidays.

The Washington Post: Holiday air travel this year is worse than in years past, December 27
CNN: Why Southwest is melting down, December 27
The Wall Street Journal: Southwest CEO Says More Cancellations Ahead as Airline Tries to Recover, December 27

Americans face an uncertain economic outlook, from higher borrowing costs to falling stocks.

The Washington Post: What’s next for the economy? 10 charts that show where things stand, December 29
The Washington Post: See just how bad a year it was for your retirement account — and why, December 27
The Wall Street Journal: The Year Big Tech Stocks Fell From Glory, January 1

In Spain, journalists explored public spending and what languages people speak.

El País: Estado del bienestar, pandemia e inflación: así ha llegado España a gastar más dinero público que nunca, December 27
El Confidencial: Gallego en Lugo y español en Barcelona: ¿qué se habla más donde hay lenguas cooficiales?, January 2 El inglés es para jóvenes y rentas altas: “El neoliberalismo ha cambiado la forma de ver las lenguas, ahora son una inversión,” January 1

Other notable charts covered millennial voters, an NBA record in the U.S., quarantine policies in China, the changing climate and height of train platforms in Germany, and champagne sales in Brazil.

The Financial Times: Millennials are shattering the oldest rule in politics, December 30
The Washington Post: How Luka Doncic beat his own records to make NBA history, December 28
Wendy Shijia: “Another quick #dataviz to mark the end of #COVID quarantine for travelers to China. Colors are inspired by the health code during the managed quarantine in hotel (🔴red code) and self-isolation at home (🟡yellow code),” December 28 (Tweet)
Süddeutsche Zeitung: So warm wie 2022 war es in Deutschland noch nie, January 2
SPIEGEL: Vorsicht Stufe!, December 29
NEXO: Espumante brasileiro corresponde a 85,5% do mercado nacional, December 27

What else we found interesting

The Washington Post: Art at Capitol honors 141 enslavers and 13 Confederates. Who are they?, December 27
Beautiful Public Data: Mapping the Sea Floor, December 29
NEXO: De forma inédita, Lula recebe faixa de cidadãos brasileiros, January 1

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