Data Vis Dispatch, July 12

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Welcome back to the 53rd edition of Data Vis Dispatch! Every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find, especially from news organizations — to celebrate data journalism, data visualization, simple charts, elaborate maps, and their creators.

Recurring topics this week include wildlife habitats, resurgent COVID cases, and the resignation of Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson announced he would step down as prime minister on Thursday, after mass resignations from his government:

The Guardian: Boris Johnson’s tumultuous three years as prime minister – in charts, July 7
The Times: Boris Johnson’s resignation: the chaos explained in charts and graphs, July 9

Other political charts showed gun sales against civil instability, government targeting of opposition figures, and constitutions around the world:

The Washington Post: The staggering scope of U.S. gun deaths goes far beyond mass shootings, July 8
The Wall Street Journal: How Redistricting Gives Republicans New Political Power, July 9
Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Von Selenski über Nawalny bis Michael Jackson – wer im Fokus russischer Desinformation steht, July 7
The New York Times: How Unlikely Is It That the Audits of Comey and McCabe Were a Coincidence? A Statistical Exploration, July 7
The Economist: Countries are writing ever longer constitutions, July 6

COVID cases are rising again, thanks in part to new Omicron subvariants:

The Economist: Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year, July 7
Bloomberg: Some 30 Million People Face Covid Curbs: China Lockdown Tracker, July 11
The New York Times: What the BA.5 Subvariant Could Mean for the United States, July 7

We also saw variant tracking for dengue fever:

The Straits Times: Are you living in a dengue cluster?, July 11

These maps showed wildlife habitats under threat from human encroachment:

CNN: The planet’s most threatened flight path, and the $3 billion plan to protect it, July 5
USA Today: Too many bison or tourists? Graphics profiles the bison of Yellowstone National Park, July 8

And climate charts illustrated the dangers of another too-hot, too-dry summer:

The Los Angeles Times: Tracking the California drought, July 8
Financial Times: Climate graphic of the week: Dry, hot Europe fuels 2022 fire season, July 9
Bloomberg: When the Weather Gets Hot Enough To Kill, July 7

Other charts covered topics from CCTV surveillance in cities to the price of electric cars:

SBS News: CCTV를 유튜브로 소비하는 시대, 어떻게 생각해?, July 8
El País: Madrid, el paraíso de la educación privada: en la capital son minoría los alumnos de la pública, July 6
Bloomberg: Bloomberg Green’s Electric Car Ratings, July 6

While maps dealt with everything from hypersonic missiles to national parks:

La Vanguardia: El problema de los misiles nucleares impredecibles, July 9
Süddeutsche Zeitung: Mit Wildwest-Methoden auf den deutschen Markt, July 10
La Nación: Fotomultas: dónde están las diez cámaras que detectaron más infracciones por exceso de velocidad, July 11
National Geographic: Legends of Texas come alive along this wild frontier, July 7

What else we found interesting

The New York Times: The Chain of Failures That Left 17 Dead in a Bronx Apartment Fire, July 8
The New York Times: Shinzo Abe of Japan Dies After Being Shot During Speech, July 7
Le Monde: Razzia chinoise sur le calamar en mer d’Arabie, July 8

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