Data Vis Dispatch, November 15

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Welcome back to the 68th edition of Data Vis Dispatch! Every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find, especially from news organizations — to celebrate data journalism, data visualization, simple charts, elaborate maps, and their creators.

Recurring topics this week include U.S. midterms (again), climate, the war in Ukraine, and the second full week of the #30DayMapChallenge.

Last week, Americans cast their votes in the midterm elections and kicked off a different kind of race — the race to report on (and visualize) results as votes are being counted.

The New York Times: Live Election Results: Top Races to Watch, November 9

First, here’s a look at the results for the House of Representatives:

Bloomberg: 2022 House Election Results, November 14
Politico: The battle for the House is still uncalled, hinging on more than a dozen close races., November 15
Le Monde: Midterms 2022 : suivez l’annonce des derniers résultats sur notre carte interactive, November 8
Süddeutsche Zeitung: So haben die USA gewählt, November 9
SPIEGEL: Was die Midterms entschieden hat, November 9
De Tijd: Amerika kleurt roder dan midterms doen vermoeden, November 10
The Financial Times: By the numbers: what we have learnt from the 2022 US midterm elections, November 13

Next, a few maps showing the results for the Senate:

The New York Times: U.S. Senate Election Results: Democrats Win, November 15
The Wall Street Journal: Live Election Results 2022, November 15
Bloomberg: 2022 Senate Election Results, November 14
The Financial Times: Live results map: US midterm elections 2022, November 15
The Wall Street Journal: How 2022 Midterm Polls Performed in Senate Races, November 10
USA Today: These Senate, House races will determine Congress’ balance of power: A visual breakdown, November 9

And finally, the governors‘ results by state:

The Washington Post: Governors election results, November 15
The Texas Tribune: Election results: How Texas voted in the November 2022 midterms, November 8
The Baltimore Banner: Blue shift: Precinct voting data shows change between 2018 and 2022 in governor race, November 11
Star Tribune: How Minnesota voted for governor, precinct by precinct, November 9
Bloomberg: How DeSantis and the GOP Won the Florida Numbers Game, November 11

Election data visualizations also covered key political issues, historical trends, and analysis.

The New York Times: See Which 2020 Election Deniers and Skeptics Won and Lost in the Midterm Elections, November 10
The Washington Post: Tracking which 2020 election deniers are winning, losing in the midterms, November 15
The Wall Street Journal: How We Voted in the 2022 Midterm Elections, November 9
The Wall Street Journal: Midterm Elections Point to Closely Divided House as Voters Shift in Pivotal Districts, November 10
The Economist: Could Ron DeSantis beat the man who made him?, November 10
The Financial Times: Red and Blue America refuse to budge, November 11
The Washington Post: Where voter turnout exceeded 2018 highs, November 9
The Washington Post: When polls close — and how long counting votes might take — in each state, November 8
The Washington Post: Where midterm votes are still being counted, November 15
Reuters: 57% of Americans disapprove of the president, November 8
Pew Research Center: Before midterms, Trump’s image among Republicans had become less positive, November 14
Reuters: Charting the midterms, November 9
The Wall Street Journal: Where Abortion Is Legal and Where It Loses Protections Without Roe v. Wade, November 10

The second week of COP27, the UN’s Climate Change Conference, inspired climate-related coverage, ranging from rising temperatures and shrinking rivers to climate finance.

ZEIT ONLINE: Wie heiß wird die Welt?, November 11
The Outlier: Extreme temperatures in South Africa, November 11
Bloomberg: Shrunken Mississippi River Slows US Food Exports When World Needs Them Most, November 10
Reuters: How clean energy could conquer, November 11
The Economist: How much money is needed to fight climate change?, November 11

Ukraine reclaimed the city of Kherson after Russian troops had withdrawn to the other side of the Dnipro river.

ZEIT ONLINE: Ukraine könnte im Osten unter Druck geraten, November 13
Al Jazeera: Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine’s Kherson city explained in maps, November 10

Other notable data visualizations of the week cover the weather in Qatar, trees in Nepal, and hurricanes in the U.S.

South China Morning Post: Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar: football in the desert, November 15
The New York Times: How Nepal Grew Back Its Forests, November 11
Bloomberg: Tracking Nicole’s Latest Path, November 11

Finally, we’re back with maps from the second full week of the #30DayMapChallenge.

Seán: “#30DayMapChallenge Day 12 – Scale The islands of Ireland ⛰️🇮🇪 20 largest islands in Ireland listed and shown to scale. Each showing area in sq/km along with population (correct estimates this time!) #gis #ireland #cartography,” November 13 (Tweet)
Python Maps: “Day 12 of the #30DayMapChallenge – Scale. The rivers and waterways in South America, coloured according to the major hydrological basins they are part of and scaled by their size.This map was generated using #Matplotlib. #DataVisualization #Python #DataScience #Data #SouthAmerica,” November 12 (Tweet)
Lee Olney: “30DayMapChallenge Day 8 Data: OpenStreetMap. Parks and libraries in the City of Boston.” November 8 (Tweet, Code)

What else we found interesting

The Washington Post: How election modeling can help us understand who might win, November 8
Axios: How the MCU is addressing its messy history with diversity, November 10

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