Data Vis Dispatch, November 28

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Welcome back to the 120th edition of Data Vis Dispatch! Every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find, especially from news organizations — to celebrate data journalism, data visualization, simple charts, elaborate maps, and their creators.

Recurring topics this week include animals in climate change, weapons, and sports.

It’s the last week of November. This means we have the pleasure of presenting our favorites from the #30DayMapChallenge for the last time:

Gontsa: “Day 22: North is not always up. #30DayMapChallenge The Fra Mauro map. This is a modern light interpretation of this map, centered not on the Arabian Peninsula but in Ukraine,” November 23 (Mastodon)
Wanmei Liang: “#30daymapchallenge | Day 21: Raster This gem has been sitting in my completed folder since February 2023, thought today would be the perfect day to share it with the world!,” November 21 (Tweet)
Helen McKenzie: “Population density map of Japan. Created for day 24 of the #30daymapchallenge (final week!!), theme: black & white,” November 24 (Tweet)
Ryan Peek: “#30DayMapChallenge has been really fun and I’m enjoying seeing all the great maps and visualizations folks are making. I’m surprised I’ve made it this far, but trying to catch up where I can! This is Day 24: Black and White. A combo of urban areas data from {tigris} and Black Marble data. Light pollution can have a big impact on migratory animals, as well as general movement through a landscape,” (Mastodon)
Gaëlle Sutton: “#30DayMapChallenge Day 25: Antarctica Lieux de passages, humains et non-humains, à partir des données de Qantarctica du @NorskPolar,” November 25 (Tweet)
Petra Ďuriančíková: “#30DayMapChallenge Day 26: Minimal Mount Taranaki, New Zealand as contours. Made with QGIS and Photoshop, DEM from @LINZLDS,” November 26 (Tweet)
AB Pictoris: “Pour le jour 27 du #30DayMapChallenge, on a des étoiles dans les yeux Constellations du ciel boréal Sources : HYG Database, Olaf Frohn (Celestial data dispo sur Github) Réalisée avec QGIS et Illustrator,” November 27 (Tweet)

The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas continues, but the war is not over yet. We found three animated stories about Israeli military strategy, the situation in Gaza, and fake war news on X/Twitter:

The Wall Street Journal: Israel’s Military Strategy in the Gaza Strip, Mapped, November 23
Le Figaro: Guerre Israël-Hamas : comment l’hôpital al-Shifa est devenu l’épicentre du conflit, November 22
Bloomberg: How Musk’s X Is Failing To Stem the Surge of Misinformation About Israel and Gaza, November 21

Other visualizations covered last week’s hostage release, deaths in Gaza, control of the West Bank, and the conflict in the global spotlight:

The Wall Street Journal: Inside the Secret Israel-Hamas Negotiations to Release 50 Hostages, November 23
The New York Times: Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace, November 25
Bloomberg: The West Bank Is Being Reshaped Along With Gaza Post-Oct. 7, November 26
Financial Times: How public opinion on the Israel-Hamas war has shifted, November 21
Nexo Jornal: Quais países reconhecem Israel e Palestina como Estado, November 23

War and weapons aren’t only news in the Middle East:

Тексти: Harvest from the occupied territories, November 22
The Wall Street Journal: The Old-School Artillery Shell Is Becoming High Tech, November 22
Le Monde: Comment la guerre en Ukraine redessine les flux du réarmement mondial, November 26

In the area of climate visualizations, we found two that specifically address animals and biodiversity:

Rodolfo Almeida: “After two months of stress, it’s out! Macromicroscope is a videoinstallation addressing biodiversity through the metaphor of petri dishes. It’s my final Master’s project and I’m so proud of it,” November 23 (Tweet, Project)
Planet Anomaly: The Collapse of Penguin Colonies in Antarctica, November 26

Some good news about climate:

The Wall Street Journal: Now for Some Good News About Climate, November 27
Bloomberg: China’s Remote Deserts Are Hiding an Energy Revolution, November 27

From the energies we use to the districts we live in. Several small multiples this week compared situations in different districts, from aging in the Bay Area, to salaries in Spanish communities or Malaysian states, to political trends in India:

San Francisco Chronicle: Marin is the Bay Area’s oldest county — and getting older. Here’s when each region will reach ‘peak age’, November 26 No eres consciente de lo poco que cobra la gente: por qué nos cuesta tanto ubicarnos en la escala salarial, November 26
图懂天下: 薪酬与学历不符?从数据了解毕业生钱途有多明亮?, November 22
Financial Times: India’s ruling party leans on Narendra Modi’s popularity in state elections, November 25

Do you also feel like everyone is getting sick these days? (Or is it just our office?) This week’s health visualizations show that the flu is on the rise in Germany, and how unhealthy vaping really is:

Der Spiegel: Wie viele Menschen leiden gerade an Corona, Grippe, RSV & Co.?, November 26
Diario Sur: Tan dañinos como el tabaco: ¿A cuántos cigarrillos equivale un váper?, November 22

Push, kick, throw, punch, aim, or even click. Sports were a big visualization topic this week:

The Athletic: Do we have a proper Premier League title race on our hands?, November 23
San Francisco Chronicle: These are the Warriors’ most frequently used lineups. Here’s how successful each has been, November 22
Reuters: Hazy arena, November 22
SBS News: 600만 명이 동시에 보는 e스포츠 경기가 있다고?, November 22

The days are getting cold and the stores full; wintertime means big holidays. Two charts show the rise in travel at Thanksgiving and the increase in spending at Christmas:

Reuters: A Thanksgiving tradition returns: busy roads, crowded airports, November 23
The New York Times: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for the Economy), November 22

In today’s miscellaneous section, we look at coffee exports and imports, European immigrants, and how cannabis will influence U.S. elections:

Visual Capitalist: Visualizing the Global Coffee Trade by Country, November 24
Gazeta Wyborcza: Imigranci w Europie. Co wiemy o ich pochodzeniu, wieku i wykształceniu, November 27
Financial Times: Republicans and Democrats face an electorate that increasingly favours looser marijuana laws, November 24

What else we found interesting

Zeit Online: Der perfekte Wurf, November 25
South China Morning Post: ‘Lifestyle rather than performance’: a visual guide to wearing Chinese hanfu, November 24
Le Monde: La trajectoire de Yahya Sinouar, du camp de réfugiés de Khan Younès aux commandes de l’attaque du 7 octobre, November 23

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