Datawrapper 1.10

We released Datawrapper 1.10 which brings a number of exciting new features. Furthermore the updates to the core set the stage for additional updates of chart types and other functionalities, which are set to be launched during November and December 2015.

Computed columns

The biggest new feature in Datawrapper 1.10 is what we call “computed columns”. Users now can add new columns to a dataset in which the values are being computed using a custom formula, similar to how you would add a new column in Excel. Read more about this feature in the tutorial.

Highlighting changes in data table

The spreadsheet component in the second step makes it easy to edit individual values in your dataset. As of version 1.10 Datawrapper will highlight the cells that have been changed since upload.

Team owners can now manage their teams

This feature has been requested often, and now it’s here. Users of Datawrapper Team accounts can now manage their team themselves. Adding existing users into a team or even inviting users without Datawrapper accounts is simple.

To find out about what else has changed, feel free to dive into our changelog.