Datawrapper 1.6

Yesterday we released the next version of Datawrapper: 1.6. This post explains some of the new features, we hope you like them.

Inline editing of chart title, description and labels

We simplified annotation of charts by supporting inline editing of chart title, description and labels directly in the chart. The changes are stored immediately. Using the inline editing is optional as you can still use the data table or the other UI elements to achieve the same effect.

Quicker navigation through your recent charts

The My Charts menu point now opens a drop down menu of your nine most recent charts to let you navigate to them more quickly.

Rounding numbers to significant digits

Datawrapper now supports a smarter way of rounding numbers using significant digits. This is useful especially if the numbers in your dataset vary across different orders of magnitude and you want to show a constant precision. In contrast, rounding to a fixed number of decimal places has the negative side-effect of either cutting of important details or adding useless zeros.

Logarithmic scales in line charts

The line chart in Datawrapper is now able to show data on a logarithmic scale. You can let the user switch between log and linear scales, just as you can see in this chart. The setting will be available only for charts were it makes sense (positive values which at least differ in three orders of magnitudes).

Support for OAuth sign-in

Minor changes

Here’s a brief list of other things we changed in Datawrapper 1.6.

  • improved language in email communication
  • enabled data attribution in visualize step
  • added column oauth_signin to user table (see migrate sql)
  • renamed chart data file to data.csv
  • plugin.php can now install plugins from git urls
  • display chart id in gallery/mycharts if there’s no title
  • using [insert title here] as default chart title
  • bugfix: chart height with empty titles

Additionally, as with every other release, we spent some extra time on refactoring the code base and updating the dependencies to their most recent versions.

  • updated Propel ORM to 1.6.8
  • updated Twig to 1.13.2
  • refactored JavaScript and CSS out of Twig templates
  • refactored core chart javascript into /js/dw/chart.base.js

We hope you will enjoy the release. Please let us know if you find any bugs or other unexpected behavior.