Datawrapper becomes mobile-first charting tool

For most media outlets, smartphone readership has now outgrown readership on traditional desktop or laptop computers. Today, Datawrapper launches 3 updates to make all charts mobile-first by default:

  • Instant Smartphone & Desktop preview: With one click, you can compare how your chart will appear on mobile devices and on Desktop computers.
  • No more gaps or scroll bars: Your charts automatically extend to the correct height when you embed them. There’s nothing to scroll for your users, and there’s no gap below the chart and the remaining article.
  • Charts automatically adapt and optimize when viewed on mobile devices. For example, line charts switch from direct labeling to legend-based labeling, and sharing buttons are displayed vertically to save precious screen real-estate.

There’s nothing you have to do or change to activate these updates. They will be applied as default for all charts published with Datawrapper. To see how you can use the new features please check out a specific post the Datawrapper Academy.