Say Hi to Nika!

Nika starts to work at Datawrapper

The summer decided to join Berlin, and another person decided to join our team: We’re very happy to introduce you all to Monika Domanska (Nika). She will work four days a week for us as a frontend developer, mostly client-facing.

As always, we asked our new hire some questions so that we can all get to know her:

Hi there! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Nika! I am a web developer, hobby painter, hobby dancer, coffee-addict, second-hand-clothing, and open-source-code fan.

Why did you want to join Datawrapper?

Figuring out beautiful software architecture for dynamic and colorful geometry excites me. I want to see the result of my code. And I want to empower users to broaden their perspective and express complex content.

What will you do at Datawrapper?

I will dive right into frontend code, help to keep it clean and evolvable, and carefully implement wishes from our users.

What did you do before working at Datawrapper?

I was first a computer science student at the Humboldt University here in Berlin, then Java engineer at Zalando and finally team lead in a full stack project at ZeSys. Technologies come and go, and gladly my studies taught me the theoretical basics, giving me an orientation compass for all of them. On my way, I also tried out other disciplines, like literature and acting studies.

In the three years before applying to Datawrapper, I was working as a researcher at the Humboldt University – very enthusiastically, but with only a few resulting publications. I was interested in two main questions: How can we derive the emotional state of a person from physiological data (their heart and electrodermal activity)? And how can we make this information useful with UX design?

I basically tried to make mobile phones understand our feelings, using data analysis and considering new ways of human-machine-interaction. But emotional data analysis is not ready for application yet. And I decided that I am too “usable outcome-oriented” for a scientific environment.

What’s an area you’d still like to explore?

No matter if it concerns analog or digital visual things, our perception follows some rules, and I like a lot to play with them. I’m thinking of things like leading a users view, applying perspective tricks to 2D diagrams or creating the experience of diving into knowledge.

Welcome, Nika! Good to have you here. You, too, dear reader, would like to work for us? We posted a job for someone who helps us with marketing last week. Have a look!

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