Once in Perugia, always in Perugia

Photo: Luca Vanzella, CC BY-SA 2.0

Hi, this is Gregor, co-founder and head of the data visualization team at Datawrapper, with a Weekly Chart written on a night train somewhere between Austria and Italy.

After a long pause, I am very happy to be returning to Perugia for the International Journalism Festival (IJF). On the train ride to Italy, I was browsing this year’s festival program and saw many new speakers and faces I recognized from previous years!

This got me wondering how much fun it would be to see who spoke most at the conference in the past. Fortunately, the festival website lists all speakers since 2012. So without further ado, here’s the list of the most frequent speakers at the IJF:

You may be wondering why this list only includes international speakers. It’s a choice the festival made for the program as well, which initially excludes Italian speakers on its English-language website. You can click the link above the table to switch to a version that includes Italian speakers.

While there are only two women among the ten most invited speakers at the conference, it’s worth noting that the overall diversity of the IJF seems to have gotten a lot better in recent years, with almost 60% of this year’s speakers being women compared to 24% in 2012!

At Datawrapper, we’re big fans of the festival, not just for the talks and panels and the amazingly beautiful location, but also for the chance to meet so many of our users. If you’re around, drop us a note or leave a comment if you’d like to say hi.

See you in Perugia — or next week for the first Weekly Chart from our product specialist, Guillermina.