Sean Greene, Los Angeles Times, will speak about their use of the Datawrapper API to power a drought tracker

We’re excited to announce that Sean Greene, Los Angeles Times, will speak at our Unwrapped conference about How we’re using the Datawrapper API to power our drought and water supplies tracker.”

Sean Greene is an assistant editor on the Data & Graphics desk at the Los Angeles Times, where he focuses on visual storytelling and environmental journalism. 

Time to ask him some questions:

Sean, what will you talk about?

You don’t have to be that good at coding to automate your charts with Datawrapper. See how the L.A. Times re-built its drought and water supplies tracker using a few Python notebooks and Datawrapper’s simple API.

How do you use Datawrapper in your team?

The Los Angeles Times Data & Graphics team uses Datawrapper for a majority of our charting and mapping needs. We’ve also trained much of the newsroom to use the platform, empowering reporters and editors to draft their own graphics with our team’s guidance.

What advice would you give to other Datawrapper users (or data visualizers in general)?

Datawrapper is a deep well. It’s great for quick and easy charts and maps, but you can also customize and “hack” it to create some truly weird and wild graphics.

We're looking forward to Sean's talk at Unwrapped! Until then, you can learn more about him on X, LinkedIn, and his L.A. Times author page. To sign up for Unwrapped and hear Sean and other great speakers, visit our conference website.