Making column and pie charts great on mobile and Desktop

Column and pie charts are versatile, but they’re also easy to do wrong. To make sure charts created with Datawrapper stay clear, concise and informative, we’re always working on making them as smart as possible. Today, we are launching two improvements, specifically for the labels in these chart types:

  • Hide, show or rotate column chart labels manually. You can now choose to completely hide or show all labels of your column chart, and also choose whether you’d like to rotate the category description for each column.
  • Making the pie chart look great on mobile: Placing labels on pie charts is tough when space is scarce. Datawrapper now automatically creates footnotes which label the slices of the pie when they are viewed on a mobile device.

The improvements are enabled by default for all newly created column and pie charts. If you have any other suggestions for improvements, reach out at @datawrapper on Twitter or get in touch via