The shiny redesign of our landing page

redesign of our website

Today we announce two changes that make us very happy:

  1. We have a redesigned landing page!  🎉 🎉 🎉
  2. Even if you’re logged in, you can visit this new landing page at www.datawrapper.deYou will find the Datawrapper app at

Let’s talk about that second change first. Maybe you’re one of our users who is always logged in. And you are used to typing “” in your browser to get to your chart dashboard. Starting today, that changes: You will need to type “” instead. But here are the good news: Datawrapper will become faster! Especially the loading times of our landing page, but also of the app will be shorter thanks to their new separation.

Ok, now on to the other big news:

…looks different. We redesigned it from the ground up, as we did with our blogs a few weeks ago. We’re saying hi to:

  • New colors & typeface: The blue became a bit darker and greener and is accompanied by a bright peppermint green and its less bright buddy. And the new font “Bitter” brings a bit of newspaper atmosphere into our website and joins our other font “Roboto.”
  • Chart examples from Datawrapper users: The great peeps from The Times, NZZ, El País, ZEIT Online, CBS, The Conversation, De Tijd, Fortune and allowed us to use their charts to show what Datawrapper is capable of. (Thank you so, so much!) You can see the charts when you hover over the chart type icons in the first part of the landing page. And you can find out how these charts were made exactly: Click on “Try this chart” and you’ll arrive right in the chart creation process.
redesign of our website
  • New text, everywhere: We’re trying to explain better what Datawrapper is about and what people can expect once they use it. (If you think we did a bad job, please let me know.)

The sad news: The video at the top is gone. A hand is coming into the picture, creating a simple bar chart, next to a sophisticated Saul Bass book…good old times. We fondly called it “The Creepy Hand”. And because of our admiration for The Hand, we don’t want to see it vanish into the void of the internet forever. Here is our attempt to preserve it:

And here’s the “before – after” comparison: