Say Hi to Fabian!

fabian gündel

We’re once again in the lucky position to introduce you to another great new addition to the Datawrapper team: Fabian Gündel. He fills the position of a client-facing software engineer and will work five days a week. As with every new employee, I asked Fabian some questions, so that we all get a chance to get to know him better:

Hi there! Could you introduce yourself?

Hey, I’m Fabian. I am from Dresden, Saxony and since a little over 2 years, I’ve lived in Berlin. I’m a big fan of comic books and movies, like to go for a ride on my longboard or snowboard in the winter. Otherwise I play beach volleyball and enjoy every sport that involves a ball.

Early on, I had a big interest in graphic design. I usually created my wish list for Santa with Photoshop.”

Early on, I had a big interest in graphic design since my mother was a media design teacher. I usually created my wish list for Santa with Photoshop. While studying media informatics in Dresden, I took a lot of courses about UI / UX design and of course data visualization. I wanted to build things that users can see and interact with. Data visualization is a great creative way to do this.

So what did you do before joining us?

I worked at an agency in Dresden, developing websites and a configurator for stamps. After that I moved to Berlin and worked at an opinion tech startup that does online polling. There I developed web apps and data visualizations; everything our users would interact with.

Why did you want to join Datawrapper?

Datawrapper has a great blog where I got inspiration and useful tips for my own work. I always wanted to specialize in data vis. When I saw the job post I had to apply. Helping to build an easy to use tool to let everyone “see” their data is a great and challenging problem to solve.

What will you work on here?

I’m going to develop specialised visualisation features based on customer needs. Besides that I will focus on new features to help large teams use Datawrapper. If you work together in a team, collaboration is a very important part. I will improve chart organisation and help customers to integrate Datawrapper in their tools and workflows.

What’s an area you’d still like to explore?

Data visualisations can get very complex very fast. I’m excited to learn ways to make them easy to understand and explore. Computers come in all forms and sizes now and a lot of visualizations are static. Thanks to interactivity, visualizations can adapt to the viewers needs. But I rarely see projects where interaction is utilized well. I want to explore what’s possible in this space.

Thanks to Fabian for answering our questions, and welcome to the team! If you want to get in touch with Fabian and learn more about him, find him on Twitter.