Small Improvements in September 2018

But before that we’d like to introduce this new monthly series[footnote: we were inspired by a similar series in the Flow blog) that is summarizing small improvements to Datawrapper. You can also follow our changelog, btw.

Btw, if you got the feeling that it’s been a little quiet on our feature front recently, don’t worry: There’s big news coming soon!

But before that let’s take a look at the small improvements in September:

New and updated basemaps

  • We added lots of new local basemaps, Germany, Australia, Nigeria, UK, Canada, Spain, Luxembourg and updated maps for Philippines, Chile, Mali, Namibia, Lebanon, Belgium, France

  • There now is a new hexogon grid cartogram for the United States

Minor bar chart improvments


Added new option to hide group labels, so the grouping feature can be used to only add some padding between groups of bars without actually labeling each group.

We also added option to hide category labels for grouped bar charts

And there now is an option to show value labels in a separate line for stacked bar charts.

Bug fixes

There’s been one bug that took us an embarrassingly long time to fix. If you uploaded a data with large numbers that used a non-English thousand-separator (e.g. writing one 1.2 million as 1.200.000 or 1'200'000) our importer broke.

The good news is that this is fixed now!

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