China begins just east of Finland

After the last three longerthanusual Weekly Charts about log scales, this week’s Weekly Chart is a simple one: It’s a map, once again. It shows the low life expectancy in the west of China and the east of Europe. And that, according to the data sources, the life expectancy in Beijing and Shanghai is higher than in Berlin or Vienna:

Sooo…yes, I admit it. There’s something new here. Until today, I would have needed to create two maps in Datawrapper, one for Europe and one for China. But today my coworker Ivan published what he had in the making for weeks: It’s now possible to get your own GeoJSONs & TopoJSONs into Datawrapper.

So to create this direct comparison between China and Europe, I opened the maps of both Europe and China with the geo software QGIS and boldly moved China a huge chunk closer to Europe. Then I uploaded the creation into Datawrapper. Visit the announcement article by my co-worker Ivan to see another fun map we created with this feature!

This was a short one, as promised! I admit that this is also due to some traveling & workshop/talk preparations these days. Today I came back from the European Data and Computational Journalism conference in Cardiff, Wales (you can find my Workshop slides here). And at the end of next week, I’ll be at the German Netzwerk Recherche conference in Hamburg. It’s gonna be good! Maybe see you there? In any case, you can look forward to another rather short Weekly Chart edition next week.