Create data viz with Datawrapper, with our new, strong free plan

our new pricing

Datawrapper is a web-based tool that has enabled many people over the years to build beautiful charts, maps and tables. Be it a journalist at a newspaper, an analyst at a financial institution or a public servant in a government department – we want to help everyone to create data visualizations easily.

our new pricing

We’re excited to tell you that we just got a big step closer to that goal. Starting today, many Datawrapper features are free – features you previously had to pay for – that will help people to create more and better charts. Datawrapper’s free plan is now stronger than ever. That’s a big step, so let’s see what the changes mean for you:

What you can do with a free Datawrapper account

Our new Free plan has most of the features of the Single and Team plans you previously had to pay for. We’re also lifting the limits on the number of chart views and locator maps. That means you can now:

  • Create, publish & embed an unlimited number of charts, maps and tables with Datawrapper, for free and without view restrictions.
  • Export your visualizations as PNGs – for slides or to print them.
  • Use Datawrapper’s API to automate chart creation and embed Datawrapper into your workflows.
  • Collaborate with other users using teams. Learn more about why and how to use teams.

Besides the Free plan, we still continue to offer the Custom and Enterprise plan with features like design customization to your styleguide, full-vector SVG and PDF export and self-hosting. We’re looking forward to keep providing and extending these features and plans in the future.

“But should I use Datawrapper for free?”

Relying on a service you don’t pay for can feel odd: There must be a downside to it, no? We hear you. And we promise: There is not. Even on the free plan, we ensure to you:

our new pricing
  • We won’t sell your data. Some companies make the user into the product, but this is not our business model. All data you upload to Datawrapper is treated as confidential and only belongs to your account.
  • We won’t track your readers. Your embedded charts will not contain any code that tracks you or your readers. We’ve never done that, and will continue to not do that, regardless of your plan.
  • Your charts are private. You decide when it’s time to share your charts with the world. Until you hit “Publish”, your charts are visible only to you and your team.
  • Published charts will stay online indefinitely. We will never delete or disable any of your Datawrapper visualizations that you embedded somewhere. We stand by our pledge to keep all our users’ charts online.

“But why do you choose to make less money?”

our new pricing

Great question! We’re a customer-funded company without external investors – and very proud of it. Datawrapper is used by thousands of people every day, as well as some great organizations like The New York TimesReutersQuartz and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Yet from day one, a lot of our current users and customers found out about Datawrapper through workshopsuniversity classes or by trying out the tool after spotting an embedded chart online. We want to make it even easier to do that with this change. Over the long term, this will benefit both the people who use Datawrapper, as well as the company itself.

With freeing our Single and Team plans, we enable more people to create charts with Datawrapper. That means we’re coming closer to our mission to let everyone create better and more charts.

“Is there anything I need to do now?”

We hope that our change in pricing makes a lot of people happy. Here’s what you can do now:

If you’re not a Datawrapper user yet and curious to create visualizations for free: Great! Start using our tool with a click on Start creating over at

If you’re already a Datawrapper user and happy with the plan you’re using, you can simply continue to use it with the same terms and pricing.

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, log into your Datawrapper account, click on ☰ and Settings > Upgrade in the top right. You will arrive on a page where you can select any of our available plans.

And if you want to give us feedback: Please do so! Write to us at As always, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.