Data Vis Dispatch, February 6

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Welcome back to the 128th edition of Data Vis Dispatch! It’s an exciting week here at Datawrapper. We released a whole new chart type yesterday: small multiple lines! 🎉 As in every week, we’ll be publishing a collection of the best small and large data visualizations we find — but this time also some small multiples inspiration. To read more about the new chart type, check out our blog announcement and the Academy articles on creating and customizing multiple line charts in Datawrapper.

Recurring topics in this week’s Dispatch include water shortages, luxury homes, and more money.

Let’s dive right into the ✨ small multiple lines ✨ inspiration:

The Economist: How motherhood hurts careers, January 30
Beyond Words Studio: “[…] Over the past five years, we’ve collaborated with the Global Fund partnership to create clear and consistent visualizations for its annual Results Report. […],” February 1 (LinkedIn Post, Project Page, Report)
The Outlier: Consumer Prices in South Africa, February 2
The Washington Post: The school bus is disappearing. Welcome to the era of the school pickup line, Februrary 2
Financial Times: Climate graphic of the week: Swaths of South America struggle with fires, Februrary 4

Small multiple lines are not the only visualizations in the small multiples family! We couldn’t help but collect a few other visualization types that show the wide range of small multiples:

The New York Times: Visualizing Who Would Benefit From the Child Tax Credit Expansion, February 2
Prinz Magtulis 프린즈: “The number of US companies in S&P 500 mentioning AI in their earnings calls at least once has been rising over the past two years,” January 31 (Tweet)
Zeit Online: Mieten oder Kaufen? Der endgültige Rechner, February 2
Reuters: Red Sea attacks, February 2

Three maps covered conflicts around the world, from U.S. troops in the Middle East, to China’s position towards Taiwan, to how Turkey profits from war between Russia and Ukraine:

El País: El despliegue militar de EE UU se convierte en el punto débil de Biden en la crisis de Oriente Próximo, January 31
Le Figaro: La Chine peut-elle envahir Taïwan ?, February 2
Le Monde: En mer Noire, la Turquie et la Russie en voisinage en eaux troubles, February 4

Speaking of profits, money played an important role in this week’s visualizations. Not least its influence on the U.S. elections:

Financial Times: Trump campaign spent more than $52mn on legal battles in 2023, February 1
San Francisco Chronicle: Election 2024: Here’s how much money candidates in key California and Bay Area races have raised, February 3

Do you know what costs a lot of money? Big luxury home sales:

The Wall Street Journal: Nine-Figure Home Sales Are Skyrocketing. ‘Soon $100 Million Will Be $200 Million.’, January 31
South China Morning Post: Uncovering Hong Kong’s secret land grab, February 5

For more on money, we have the new student loan system in England, investments in Elon Musk companies, and the burning question, “Where do our taxes go?“:

Financial Times: Student loans in England: who pays what?, February 4
The Wall Street Journal: The Money and Drugs That Tie Elon Musk to Some Tesla Directors, February 3
Univision: ¿A dónde van tus impuestos?, February 1

This week’s visualizations on water, wind, and energy:

El Orden Mundial: Sequía histórica: seis mapas para entender la geopolítica del agua en España, February 4
Bloomberg: Wind Farms Are Overstating Their Output — And Consumers Are Paying For It, February 1
Zeit Online: So weit kommen E-Autos, January 30

The earth shakes, the earth breathes:

日本経済新聞: 空から見た隆起 数千年に1度の衝撃, February 2
The Washington Post: Watch the Earth breathe for one year, February 1

Finally, we have everything from corruption in Europe, to the world’s favorite Brazilian films, to the effects of long COVID:

Átlátszó: Idén is hazánk lett az EU legkorruptabb országa a Transparency International rangsora szerint, February 4
SBS News: 이주민과 함께하는 사회, 어떻게 생각하나요?, February 1
Folha de S.Paulo: Erotismo, crime e Larissa Manoela: Descubra as séries e os filmes brasileiros que os gringos mais veem na Netflix, February 4

What else we found interesting

The New York Times: Israel’s Controlled Demolitions Are Razing Neighborhoods in Gaza, February 1
The Washington Post: Make your own Reggaeton Beat, February 1

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