Listen to Datawrapper on Data Stories

If you’ve been following this blog, you know how Gregor and I write. Here’s your chance to hear our voices – we got invited to a podcast! We had the great honor to speak on Moritz Stefaner’s and Enrico Bertini’s “Data Stories” a few weeks back. That was lots of fun. You can listen to it with your trusted Podcast app, or:

→ Visit to listen to the episode now ←

Among others, we talk about how Datawrapper fits into the data visualization tool landscape, why Gregor and I chose to work for Datawrapper and what the future will bring. Gregor also talks about how we want Datawrapper to be “Software-as-a-Teacher”.

If you enjoy this episode, please consider supporting Data Stories on Patreon. Creating a podcast is crazy much work, and they’re doing it really well. Thanks again to Moritz and Enrico for bringing us on the show!