Say Hi to Daniela!

Daniela starts to work at Datawrapper

We’re so very happy to introduce you all to yet another new addition to the Datawrapper team: Daniela Haake. She works for 25 hours each week as our office manager, filling this position.

You probably won’t hear much from Daniela directly, but her organizational & administrative skills will be crucial to ensure smooth operations in our office.

As always, we asked our new hire some questions so that we can all get to know her:

Hi, Daniela! Can you please introduce yourself?

Hey, I’m Daniela. I was raised in Lüneburg (a city close to Hamburg), where I first did a business training and after that finished a university degree in cultural management. As we are all big music lovers, I and my friends began running a music festival in our hometown: the lunatic Festival. That is where my „real“ business career began.

In 2008 I moved to Berlin and started working in project management. Even though I left the music industry a long time ago, you can find me at concerts as often as possible.

What did you do before working at Datawrapper?

I worked as a project lead and account director in the communication industry and taught courses about project management at university. During the last five years, I managed the live communication section of the advertising company BBDO Berlin. I was responsible for the technical, human resources and organizational management of the unit.

For example, my colleagues and I created a game called „smart DJ“ that shows off the smart fortwo ed with the world’s first turntable test drive. It premiered in the „Schlag den Raab“ program on German TV, achieved a lot of attention in the media and won some advertising and project management awards. You can watch it in action here.

Besides working at Datawrapper on a part-time basis I am self-employed as an organizational consultant and coach. I work on individual strategies for supporting my clients to organize themselves and their businesses. I help them achieve desired outcomes regarding order, clarity and effectiveness.

Palm trees that are alive

That’s our office a year ago. All of these palm trees are dead by now. Won’t happen again with Daniela in the team.

And what will you do at Datawrapper?

As I am the only person at Datawrapper who is not a data vis pro, I am in charge of all the organizational stuff and business operations. I am good at recognizing and solving problems. Order and structure are my passions and I love to optimize processes. I am also responsible for the wellbeing of the team. My duty is to make Datawrapper the best place to work!

Welome, Daniela! Good to have you here. You, too, dear reader, would like to work for us? Stay tuned – we’ll post another free position soon.