Hello world, hello Datawrapper 1.0

Thanks to our active users, the Datawrapper beta version has been very successful. It reached 600.000 visits since February 2012. We saw charts being embedded on news sites around the world. Special thanks go to: The Guardian Data Blog, to Ruhrnachrichten, L’Avenir, RTL.nl, and many others out there. You just used it and that is what we had hoped for.

Now, it is time to say goodbye to the beta. Datawrapper 1.0 is ready to launch. The new version keeps the simple process but adds professional features to create simple, but correct charts. The main work on coding and design was done by Gregor Aisch.

To ensure that nothing is lost, broken and nobody get’s hurt, the launch of the new platform will work like this:

  • Coming this week the new version will be accessible via datawrapper.de
  • The old (beta) version won’t be taken offline but moved to beta.datawrapper.de. You can still use it, although we hope to convince you of the new version.

We really hope that you’ll like the new Datawrapper. It looks better, has many advanced features, and should be a big step forward. Being open source, Datawrapper will be a free-to-use, adaptable tool helping everyone in need of fast, quality data visualizations.

Keep on charting,

the Datawrapper Team

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