We’re hiring a software engineer in Berlin

Edit: Thanks for your interest! We filled this position a while ago and won’t accept applications for this job anymore.

Hi! Do you like computers? Do you like people? Do you want to work with Mirko, David, Gregor, Ivan, Anna, Hendrik, Hans, Elana and Lisa? Nice! We have a job for you:

We’re hiring a full-time client-facing software engineer in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg).

Why? Well, although our charting tool is used primarily by journalists, our customer base is growing and diversifying, and some of our users come with special requirements and challenges. We want to be able to accommodate these people as well. Providing them with a flawless Datawrapper experience will be your job.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Developing new visualization features for specific customer groups. For example, an analyst at a financial institution might need different charting features than a data journalist at a local newspaper. We work with both, so that will be part of what you’re responsible for!
  • Extending Datawrapper to make sure it works well with large customer teams. When one person uses Datawrapper on their own, creating and organizing charts is pretty straight-forward. When there are hundreds of people creating charts in a large team, not so much! Ensuring that even the largest of our customers’ teams don’t hit any walls when using Datawrapper will be part of this job.
  • Building & maintaining integrations with other software and tools. There are all kinds of other apps and tools that Datawrapper interacts with in the real world, like CMS’s and databases. Part of your job will be ensuring that those integrations are easy to build and run smoothly.

Who we’re looking for:

  • We’re looking for a full stack web developer to join our Berlin development team, preferrably full-time, but open to flexible work time arrangements.
  • You will have a full, regular employment contract. Due to the nature of this job, it will not be possible to do this job entirely remotePlease save yourself and us some time and only apply if you want to work with us in Berlin.
  • On the technical side, most of the work we’re doing is front end development work in JavaScript/ES6, D3.js, Bootstrap and Svelte. There’s a PHP and MySQL backend as well, but that won’t be too much of your concern.
  • We’re looking for somebody who has worked in web development before, but you don’t need to have specific experience with our tooling or choice of frameworks. We’re happy to show you how our stack works.

What the „client-facing“ part entails:

  • A significant part of the job will involve interacting with users and customers. be it by phone, video call or email. We encourage everybody in our company to do this, but in this role it will be specifically pronounced.
  • That means we’re looking for someone with good communication, interpersonal and written skills.
  • Strong English skills will also be necessary, as our users and customers sit all over the world.
  • Not a must-have, but a plus: German skills, interest in or experience with data visualization, experience working in a software company.
  • If you have any prior work you can show us, open-source or not, please feel free to include it in your application. We’d love to take a look at it. Even if you don’t, please don’t feel discouraged to apply.

What we can offer:

  • A big desk in our office in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, where seven of us work (Ivan, Lisa, Anna, Gregor, Elana, Hans & David). We have a massive library of data vis books, a coffee machine, tea en masse & interesting conversations about mapping, data vis and UX. Also, we honor lunch breaks. That’s where we sit:
  • Flexible working hours. We’re looking for someone who wants to work for us at least four days a week. There’s no 9-to-5 culture in our office, though. Some people come at 11 am, some leave at 4 pm, others like to work from home from time to time.
  • A question-happy, communication-happy atmosphere. We’re all learning, and we want you to learn with us. If someone has an idea or a problem, we just talk. No meetings for most of us, a bit of Slack, lots of fun.
  • Oh, and you’ll get money for doing this job.

We want you to apply especially if you’re from a group that’s underrepresented in our office. (That includes women, still, but we’re working on it!) Also: We don’t care about CVs, just skills and attitude. If you don’t find yourself 100% in the description, write Lisa an email anyway. Talk a bit about yourself and how your skills & experience could be a good fit for this job, and ask us aaaaall the questions you might have:

→ lisa@datawrapper.de

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!