Say Hi to Livnah!

With a growing team and beautiful summer days, our Berlin office is busier than ever. Keeping everything in order is no small task — which is why we were thrilled this summer to welcome Livnah on board as our new part-time office manager. She’ll be filling this role and working three days a week alongside Daniela, our operational manager.

We asked a few questions to get to know Livnah better:

Hi, Livnah! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi! I’ve been living in Berlin for 15 years now, but have traveled all over Europe and the U.S. for work, even more than I was home. Mostly self-employed at events, roadshows, and the German Christmas market in Chicago, at which I managed a big ornament store for six winters in a row.

Since 2020 I’ve learned to love staying home and enjoying my steady everyday life with plants, foster dogs, and friends all over town. I got a German IHK-Ausbildung in office management, and then decided to start further training which will be done in November. I’m still taking classes in accounting and payroll, which is why I’m only part-time at the Datawrapper office for now.

A Baby Yoda sewing project in progress

When I’m not working, I’m usually learning new crafts like sewing or knitting, taking care of my many house plants, or going outside with one of my foster dogs. They come to me every few months from a guide-dog training school to get used to busy city life and learn to be well-behaved while riding the subway.

Practice turning on a light!

How did you come to Datawrapper?

It was all by accident! I’m still doing my classes and don’t have time for full-time employment yet. But I was looking here and there so as not to miss anything, and I found the job posting by Daniela (Datawrapper’s operational manager) on a neighborhood notice board. I immediately applied via email, got an interview the following week, and was hired two hours after my interview. Probably thanks to this pie chart which I added to my application 😉

What will you do at Datawrapper?

I will be at the Datawrapper office in Berlin to take care of all things office-related: orders and equipment, coordinating handyman appointments, as well as planting something nice in the garden. And not forgetting the kitchen drawer with all the sweet and/or healthy snacks for the employees who need a little pick-me-up. Simply put, I’ll do all the “little” work around the Berlin-based Datawrapper employees to make their life easier and their workflow as smooth as possible without having to think about normal office upkeep.

The team at Datawrapper was so nice and welcoming from the beginning, which already translated in the job posting that didn’t feel like a standard job description. It has been a month so far and I’m hoping it will be many more!

Welcome, Livnah! It’s great to have you here with us.