New Maps, Embedding and Sharing

Six additional maps, social sharing & responsive embedding

Six new maps

You can create crisp, zoomable choropleth maps with Datawrapper. There are over 250 different maps available, and today we’re adding six new countries down to a municipality-level:

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden

German and US-counties stay available as well, of course. Sometimes getting detailed data takes more time in preparation, but once you have a map that shows distribution down to small areas it is always worth it.

Social Sharing

You can now add social sharing buttons to your chart. The best part: the link on Twitter and Facebook actually directs users back to your article and not just the Datawrapper chart. To add social sharing simply check the box in the Design-tab in the chart creation process.

Responsive Embedding

Datawrapper charts are now responsive out-of-the-box. Plus: If you’re on a Datawrapper Team plan, you can now customize the embed code so it works seamlessly with your CMS. You’ll find the new option in the Settings-page of your Team-account. If you need any help getting set-up, simply reply to this e-mail.