New: UK election maps in Datawrapper

Create detailed, zoomable maps to visualize results from 650 constituencies.

Elections are always interesting. Given our collective experience regarding the US presidential election and the more recent political results in France, such events are important to report about in depth. Due to many reasons — the rise of populism internationally, the events of the Brexit — elections are loaded with layers and layers of political struggle and dissenting views. The outcomes do not only affect a specific country but generate repercussions around the world.

Datawrapper has now added a map of all 650 UK constituencies. The template makes it easy to visualize data and put results in perspective. The map is available to all users. You can find it in Datawrapper by clicking on “New Map” and then searching for “United Kingdom » Parliamentary Constituencies”. It’s available both as a choropleth map and as a symbol map, and supports all advanced features like tooltips and custom legends.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch via or find us on twitter at @datawrapper.