Reuters Institute puts their trust in Datawrapper for 2017 Digital News Report

From the very start of Datawrapper, our team focused on three core aspects:

  1. Create a tool speeding up the creation of quality charts. Don’t stand in the way when there is a deadline, instead guide editors to create meaningful, correct and revealing charts and maps.
  2. Make it work great on mobile. Responsiveness of charts is an absolute must, since 30–50% of users access news through small screens.
  3. Become invisible through the provision of customization options and layouts matching all kinds of style guides of a brand. We anticipated that in the long run, news brands wouldn’t like third-party inserts in their publication.

The last bit might at first be counterintuitive. But serving the media and making journalism/reporting stronger through data is what drives this. Which is why customization options are high on our to-do list.

Today, we feel that we reached a milestone in fulfilling all three goals above. The 2017 edition of the Digital News Report, edited by Nic Newman and a team, published by the Reuters Institute is produced with Datawrapper charts. Combined with visualizations and comparisons to highlight specific data points or findings. Our sincere thanks to Nic Newman and team for working with us.

As a small media start-up started by journalists, we are proud and happy to have contributed here. The 2017 report can be found here. It provides relevant insights into how media is evolving and what challenges lie ahead.