Small Improvements in October 2018

Welcome to our new monthly blog series in which we collect all the smaller improvements we made to Datawrapper in the previous month.

More responsive locator maps

The biggest update for locator maps is that markers can now be displayed on mobile or desktop only. This is useful for tweaking labels or showing only the most important information on phones, while showing more context on larger displays.

The inset maps also get smaller when the map is scaled down on mobile devices.

Column chart improvements

It was about time to take care of one of our most used chart types: the column chart.

The grid labels in column charts can now be longer without running into the chart, and we added a new option to place them inside or outside of the grid. They can even be moved to the right side of the chart. Another often requested feature were custom y ticks and the custom y range.

New and updated basemaps

As you can see in our changelog, October has also been another busy month for our basemap selection.

We added lots of new local administrative boundaries for Germany, Austria, Australia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, France, Slovakia, Tanzania and Afghanistan.

There’s also a new map of all countries that are connected to the Mediterranean Sea and newly added census tracts maps for each of the US states: