The not so worldwide worldwide web

I’m back from vacation and super happy to launch a thing today that I’ve been working on lately: Cartograms! Starting today, you find cartograms for US states, German states & for the world countries in the Datawrapper app. And to demonstrate the world cartogram, we will use data from Our World in Data, once again:

I wrote a long explanation about why cartograms are better than geographical maps (and why they are worse) in an extra blog post that I also published today, so this will be the shortest Weekly Chart ever: No explanations here, just a chart and a link to another article.

However, I would love to know what you think about our new cartograms! Would you like us to create other cartogram types (like tile cartograms) or create cartograms for specific regions or countries? Get in touch with me: – I’m looking forward to it.