Collaboration on the Datawrapper app team

Hi, this is Marten, head of app development at Datawrapper. As we all wait to hear the enticing talks on the second day of Unwrapped, I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the app team works together.

In the past few weeks, everyone in the company has been hustling and bustling in preparation for Unwrapped – our very first Datawrapper user conference. The app team has been no different: Activity is at an all-time high. Just take a look at how the app team’s pull requests have grown since we started our mono repo about two and a half years ago:

💡 A pull request is like suggesting a change to a group project, where the group project is a codebase. You make your own changes and ask the team to review them (this is an "open" pull request). If the team agrees, they add ("merge") your changes to the project. It's a way to share and improve work together.

The app team was formed in August 2022 when Pascal joined the company. About one year ago, we started hiring more people and with Jack, Toni, Julian, and Linus joining, the team has tripled in size since then. And Brooks’ Law withstanding, so has the number of pull requests 🚀

But the increased team size is not the only reason for the increased activity in the past months.

As a fully remote team, we’ve come to appreciate the various ways in which our digital tools make collaboration easier and more efficient. As the app team, we aspire to do the same for Datawrapper. In a few hours, we’ll show you how we’re taking a step in that direction.

Join the Unwrapped conference stream for the product announcement after the keynote to find out more.

I hope to see a lot of you at Unwrapped later today ;) Next week, Linus - the newest member of the App Team - will bring you his first ever Weekly Chart. Stay tuned!