Which chart types did our users create in 2018?

More maps than ever, for sure.

We interrupt our “The best of Datawrapper charts 2018” series (and the free days you might enjoy) for an old tradition: Showing you which chart types y’all published in 2018, and how that has changed to the years before:

There’s one clear trend visible: The continued rise of maps. In fact, you all published more than double as many maps in 2018 than in 2017. That’s due to three main factors: Our base map editor Anna joined in April. By now, she has increased the number of maps you can find in our map selection for choropleth and symbol maps to over 1,000. Then, Ivan built a GeoJSON importer in June. So even if a map is too niche for Anna to implement for everyone, you can still create a Datawrapper map with it. And two months later, Hans joined and worked on locator maps, which you can use since October. They already account for 1% of all published charts in 2018.

But this year wasn’t just big in maps for us. Our tool got lots of updates in 2018 you can’t see in the chart above: We started in January with the introduction of the River, and, a bit later, a colorblind check. We vastly improved your options for uploading and checking data. And only two weeks ago we rolled out a big redesign of our pie & donuts charts; introducing two new chart types: “Multiple Pies” and “Multiple Donuts”. You can find all these big and smaller changes (like updates to line charts and column charts) in our changelog.

Next week, we’ll look at a great user chart again. Enjoy the rest of 2018! I’ll see you in the new year.