Which chart types did our users create in 2019?

Wrapping up another Datawrapper year

Hi, this is Lisa; responsible for blog & design at Datawrapper. This Weekly Chart follows a tradition: I’ll look back at what you (and we!) have created in 2019.

You’ve been reading the Datawrapper blog since before it was cool for more than a year? Then you might already know what this article is all about: As in 2017 and in 2018, I will show you how popular each chart type was with y’all and how each type’s popularitiy has changed over the years:

As always, these are relative numbers, not absolute ones. So be careful what you read out of this chart.

An example: Our users published more charts this year than ever before. So although the percentage of bar charts (green shades) and column charts (blue shades) published has decreased, the actual number of charts using these two types of visualizations increased.

2019 was a year of continuous improvements. We worked mostly on the foundations of Datawrapper, making sure everything runs smoothly and will keep doing so in the years to come:

As always, you can consult our changelog to learn about all improvements we make to Datawrapper – big and small.

We at Datawrapper look back at 2019 with delight and are excited to introduce many more improvements, features, team members (Why don’t you join us in Berlin?) and Weekly Charts to you over the next twelve months.

Next week, our development team lead & part-time gourmet Ivan will map his favorite eateries around our office. Enjoy the rest of 2019! We’ll see you in the new year.